Resonant Portrait - Designing the Soundtrack of your Life

Music is something that resonates in our lives! Sometimes it touches us deeply and makes our bodies shiver so that it reaches our souls. It can bring back memories, amplify our feelings and help us to concentrate. And some of us just go wild.

You may enjoy listening to music in your own privacy, but music also brings people together. One could say that Music is an universal language. Even if it means different things to different people but it certainly tells a story, and each woman and man have their own story to tell.

At Resonant Portrait we bring that story alive through music. Our mission is to design a customized, personal and unique composition of our customer based on our customer´s life, achievments, goals and likings. Making each composition personal and unique. Resonant Portrait is not just a piece of music, it’s also an unique experience.

Can you Imagine your life turned into a Resonant Portrait? A composition that is truly something special.

Customer Profiles

From customer profiles you can find case examples on how to resonant portrates are done.