The Big Zero

Giving a gift for your CEO can be hard. What could possibly be something personal, and yet unique! Something that you don’t come across anywhere else? Resonant Portrait is an original piece of music co-created with people who surround the gift receiver. The co-creation is done so that the process is kept secret, and with close attention given to privacy.

Resonant Portrait is an original piece of music that makes the receiver feel truly special. At the same time you are doing good for the community as 5 per cent of the turnover goes straight to your local music college or conservatory scholarship holder program.

The basic composition is made for a classic rock n´ roll band, in the style of the seventies. Additional tuba is giving color to the song. As the gift receiver is a big fan of old school gadgets and things, the song is also pressed into vinyls in form of a maxi single with opening cover sleeves and original art on it. Instrumental version of the song is given to the buyer as a b-side bonus track. A live performance of the song is recorded and shot in the studio and it is provided to the customer in a digital form. Signals package gives the customer an opportunity to use the song as a ringback tone and as a ringtone on his mobile devices. Separate sounds are provided to mark different operations done on the computer, phone or other devices.