The Lady

To some music has a deeper meaning. Looking back, portraits used to be a way to get appreciation, to get noticed in the community. Resonant Portrait can be viewed as an equivalent to a classic portrait. The experience that Resonant Portrait has to offer can be shared or enjoyed in your own privacy. As music has different meanings to different people Resonant Portrait is something that keeps on giving. Charity done through Resonant Portrait also ensures that we can enjoy music in the future as through a Charity fund created by Resonant Portrait students are given a chance to study for free in a music college or conservatory.

By ordering a Resonant Portrait one can leave a mark in the history. In this case a composition is used to promote more charity, as it is used as a centerpiece of a gala. Resonant Portrait helps the sponsor, customer who orders the music, to organize a local non-profit musical institution to perform the song. The cost of the performance is paid by the orderer, and so is any additional cost that come from it. Resonant Portrait will help to organize this part of the event.

The piece of music itself is going to be more of a classical piece. Therefore the setup includes a symphony orchestra with horns. The hand written notation and the other one of the music boxes is auctioned at the gala. Second music box is kept as a memory of the event by the orderer.

Below you can find material that helped us to create The Lady's Resonant Portrait

Dear Resonant Portrait,


I´m writing this letter after I heard the wonderful piece of music you had made to celebrate Finlands´ independence for 100 years. As I was attending a gala at Columbus Hotel, Monaco my dear friend Beatrix passed me on the link to the song.


Oh, how I miss Finland! As a child, my father used to take us all, family consisting of me and my 7 siblings, to places we could only dream of. Once we spend whole three days in Lapland, near the North pole, and visited Santa Claus. That must have been the best time of my life!

Now I´m running a family business in 3rd generation. My grandfather build the empire from the ground. We do have a house in London, but we are living on a farm in the English countryside for the best part of time. It´s not a castle but more of a Georgian style manor house. I´m a curious mind, and a bit of a fathers’ girl. I love Culture, you could say I´m fanatic. I love theater and opera, and I´m regularly seen in West End. For more lighter plays I prefer Broadway. Seen ”Waiting for Godot” a dozen times, even though it makes me sad. We have a small apartment in Manhattan, but it´s not much. Convenient lovely place to sleep and host gatherings. No use in seeing all the plays if you can´t discuss them with anyone!


I used to play violin as a child, but found piano more entertaining. Still remember those songs I played during family holidays. Family means everything to me. Have had my scoundrel days as a teenager, felt that we´d gotten more than we deserved. Went missing from the boarding school for weeks once, what a rebel I must have been? Got punished when my Father found me, if he only had known! Met a boy back then who studied arts. Took me to places you can only imagine. I remember seeing Pink Floyd in Manchester back then. Didn´t like that so much, but the guitarist played on same Kate Bush albums, if I remember correctly. I adore Kate Bush. Went to see her three nights in a row 2014. I Wish I had a chance to travel back in time to see her perform in 1979.


I love dolls still, and I have my precious little collection of porcelain ones. Those plastics are horrible! I got married pretty young and had two children early in the marriage. Third one was bit of an afterthought. Elder have moved out already, spread their wings, and the youngest one is studying in Switzerland. Keeps me very well informed about things through social media.  Only use it to keep in touch, to calm my mind. Just Facebook, but I check Instagram for preferences of goods and vacations, too! My daughter has made me a Spotify playlist containing my all-time favorites. Not the same as going to a concert, tho´.


I donate to charity using different channels. Mainly I attend galas organized by my dear friends. At the galas, I meet my friends and get acquainted with new things. I ”surf” the internet to get more familiar with things but still rather interact with real people. Reminds me of window shopping, but in my own privacy. Which is actually quite nice!

Father was a DIY at home, guess that has passed on to her as well. Never home he was though! Maybe hunting on the meadows! Don´t fancy hunting, though, if hunting the internet don’t count? I do find nice things at auctions, but on the internet, it´s so much easier. I Get someone to take care of the actual buying, never know who you might meet.  Found a nice painting once. Had to restore it to get it back in shape. Now it´s in the hall with all the family paintings. I do watercolor painting myself, as a past-time. They are so much more vibrant!


Having bit of a crisis now. Business is doing splendid, all the children are growing, and doing fine. Life has settled down, sort of!  It came to my mind, that I´d like to Leave a Mark, something unique to my descendants. That´s why I wrote this letter. To ask you if you could make a Resonant Portrait of me?


Yours truly,

Emily Bartolozzi


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