Wedding Dreamers

Weddings, for many, are something very personal and unique. Weddings can be something that have been planned for years, even before finding the significant other. Every detail has to be thought and executed with extreme attention given to them. To make the wedding memorable and special, what could be more unique than ordering your own customized wedding dance? Something that resonates with the lives of both the bride and the groom. Making the most important day of your life even more special and forever cherished in a composition that is personal, customized to your likings!

Our service is made known to couples planning to get married through Wedding Planners. Resonant Portrait is called in to fulfill the dream wedding.

Our example couple wants to get their wedding dance and wedding march custom-made. The wedding march is composed to a small string quintet and delivered with hand written notation totaling in just under four minutes.  The wedding dance is more modern composition with an upbeat rhythm played by a band of professional musicians topped of with a saxophone player, and sung as a duet by professional singers totaling in four minutes. All music is delivered in digital form, with printed out notations, with selected part of the song produced to be used in a music box. Extra music boxes are ordered for the parents of both bride and groom, the bridesmaids and the best man.